Binocular Rivers is exploring new ways of animated painting,  playing with movement and time using stereoscopic imagery. Hereby I make use of convergence and divergence between the image sequences for each eye.

The stereoscopic 360° animations in these series consist of  two separate 360° videos for left and right eyes. These two 360° videos can be again deconstructed into a varying mixes of three visual layers. The first of these layers is a shared 3D scene, which is rendered for each eye with a parallax shift thus consistent in perspective and in perception of depth and distance of virtual 3D space. The second and third layers are differ from each other -for left and right eyes respectively- in their form,  texture, drawing style, color as well as movement directions of water, clouds, dust or other elements. Additionally the stereoscopic vision also experiments with the time factor in animations.

Binocular Rivers is a series animations within the framework of the larger project „Binocular Waves“. Music and audio is composed by electronic music artist fraternalbee in stereo differing between two ear perception in octave, delay or timbre.

If you have a VR compatible smartphone and VR Headset such as cardboard you can watch Binocular Rivers here: