„I am a Ghost in Your Dream“
Virtual Reproduction of Dreams
Interactive Performance Experience

Dream scenes, like virtual reality scenes, are immersive, complex, multimodal and sequentially organised models of the world. Virtual reality is an experience which is repeatable and open for intersubjective communication, whereas a dream is a unique and purely subjective experience.

This performance focuses on the reproduction of (especially visual and spatial) content in dreams in the virtual reality to make them accessible for intersubjective communication.

Every visitor separately enters the room. I tell them that I will share my dreams with them. They enter the dream world (virtual reality) via an headset. I start to tell them my dream and they can interact with the world using a body motion capture sensor. The visitors experience virtual dream scenes showing visual reproductions of nightly dreams, as immersive, 3 dimensional and interactive scenes. At the end I show the visitors my dream diary, which is a sketch book showing colorful images from my dreams.