Is there place to express the mind between „doom scrolling“ and „self-indulgence“ in social media. By placing the flashing and squashing these loops into endless feeds of instagram and twitter I am trying to create this space.

The looping mechanism of animation provides a model for the cyclic nature of life which manages to survive in an ever changing universe, by repeating itself. Referring to the dialectic, Heraclitian and Taoistic change understanding of cycles. The following animations express the subjective experience, both the imaginary and perceived world. The short moment of conscious experience is reproduced as moving pictures, whether a glimpse of impression of passing trees by the train window, the emotional outbursts of happiness, anger, sadness in glares or abstract depiction of a thought which is impossible to express verbally.

„Fortitude!“, November 2020
„Apotropoaic“, November 2020
„Crushing Particles“, November 2020
„Back to Isolation“, 2020
„My mom said: ‚You explode at the end of madness’/’Deliliğin sonunda patlarsın'“, October 2020
„Touching Barely“, 2020, animation loop.
„Autumn Sonata“, 2020, loop
„Not Everyday, But Sometimes“, 2020, animation loop

„What do you mean by freedom?“, 2020, animation loop