The fast changing nature of global situation stresses the need of a stable narration in form of mythologies. This series revive old gods in contemporary depictions and add new entities to pantheon. Animated paintings are moving images which are as short as a long breath, usually less than 7 seconds. I think within this time the perception can focus and grasp the frames of an animation as if they were a static painting.

„Before Completion“, May 2022

„Three Times Great“, 2020

Hermes running with talaria and petasos.
„Apotropoaic“, November 2020, #animation #loop
An apotropaic mark is a superstitious symbol put in order to protect from harmful influences.
YES!“, 2019, loop
#b3d #heart #animation #loop
„Masken auf den Böden / Masks on Floors“, 2020, animation loop
„La Teoria del Complotto“, 2020, animation loop
By creating fictional narratives, we have the possibility to simulate different futures, such as in science fiction. Yet, if fiction is not marked as fiction, and the same narrative tools used by fiction are instrumentalized to spread false information, we face the problem of manipulative conspiracy theories. If you face a narrative which claims the absolute truth, first check if reading the text triggers a multiple of your emotions and pictures. These pictures and emotions are connected to each other, like wagons of a train. Each connection itself seems logical. The author tries to convince you that one ultimate truth is at the end if this chain of logical connections. This is how you write novelss and stories. But the reality is different than fiction. Reality is a complex mechanism in universe where everything is interconnected and influences each other in both ways. No one person can see all aspects of the reality at once. Don’t let other people use your time and brain with false information.
„Nation“, 2020, animation loop
„Thirteen ways of thinking“, 2019, animation loop
„How some things work perfectly, while other things don’t work at all“, October 2020, animation loop
„Lucero de Alba“, 2020, animation loop
„Die Wechselwirkung“, 2020

In physics „Wechselwirkung“ defines interaction of most basic forces through which physical objects effect each other, such as gravitation and electromagnetic interaction, which effect from long distances, as well as strong and weak interactions in subatomic distances. … And maybe love can be added to those forces as well. Eros the god of love was the son of Aphrodite. As he felt lonely, his mother gave him as a playmate his brother Anteros, the god of „counter-love“ or „love returned“. Both armed with bow and arrows.
„Liberty“, 2020

On 09.04.2020, I dreamed that I am in a big room and there is a negative form of the statue of liberty which I see from inside. There are just so many many parts to barely recognize what it is.
„Action at a Distance“, 2020
In physics action at a distance defines the concept of nonlocal interaction of objects that are separated in space. The interaction happens without mechanical or direct contact. Gravity, electromagnetic force as well as quantum entanglement are some examples.
„Thesis“, 2019, animation loop

Athena with spear, Gorgoneion, Aegis and owl in the background.
„Nature Boy“, 2019