A moving landscape, for example forest hills and city-scapes from a train window create subjective frames of a fast moving world in perception. Is it possible to paint these frames as landscapes of time? Animated paintings are moving images which are as short as a long breath, usually less than 7 seconds. I think within this time the perception can focus and grasp the frames of an animation as if they were a static painting.

„Mein Zimmer“, September 2021

„Pfälzer Wald“, December 2019

Impressions from the train window driving through the colorful, early winter landscape of beautiful Pfälzer Wald, near Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.
„How some things work perfectly while other things don’t work at all“, October 2020 (Kitchen Landscape)
„Landing on Enceladus“, December 2020
„I will sleep more“, October 2021
„This Moment of Happiness II“, animation loop, 2019
„Winter Sun“, December 2019

Winterlandscape impression from the train window driving through Nordhessen.
„Nature Boy II“, 2019
„Die Rückfahrt“, December 2019

Impressions from a train window.