Binocular Waves is an artistic research project about binocular vision – being able to see with two eyes. The project explores what happens when we present two different images to left and right eye using a VR Headset. Depending on their similarities and differences these two images fuse, compete or coexist in the conscious visual perception creating different binocular phenomena.

The project is already presented 2018 at the Kunstverein Ulm (Germany), as well as on  the International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2018 in Durban (South Africa) and at the Mirage Festival in Lyon (France).

Here you can watch the lecture presentation of Binocular Waves at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2018 in Durban, South Africa.

Binocular Waves focuses on artistic exploitation of this phenomena and tries to create inspiration for scientific research on vision and on consciousness.

  • Binocular Dreams, experiment to reproduce dream phenomena, such as dream elements with multiple identities, so called „interobjects“,  by presenting each identity of the element  to another eye.
  • Binocular Rivers, exploring new ways of animated painting,  playing with movement and time using stereoscopic imagery.

All animation videos in these series are stereoscopic 360° animation videos.  This means that each one of these animations is consisting of two separate 360° videos for left and right eyes.

Binocular Rivers is a series animations within the framework of the larger project „Binocular Waves“. Music and audio is composed by electronic music artist fraternalbee in stereo differing between two ear perception in octave, delay or timbre.

Scientific Background

“Binocular disparity” is difference of image location of an object seen by the left and right eyes, resulting from the distance between two eyes (parallax) and makes the perception of depth (stereopsis) possible. However, when two significantly different images are presented to left and right eyes one of the following perception phenomena may occur: a) “Binocular Fusion” two images are perceived as an averaged merge of two. b) ”Binocular Transparency” they merge into a superimposition. c) “Binocular Rivalry” the images compete and alternate in perceptual awareness.

Personal Background

The work is the result of a long observation quastioning process. From early childhood on my left and right has strong myopia and astigmatism with different diopter levels. I had also two surgical retinal and lens interventions on my left eye resulting from injury. The interventions resulted into more differences between my left and right eye vision. This phenomenon made me curious whether images with interocular differences can be reproduced in visual art. I think this research can make the impairment and the improvement of vision with interocular differences perceivable for people without significant differences.


(top-down images are 360° panoramic videos of left and right eye fields)

17_Blue Wave