„Kosmos der Urbanen Liga“ is a VR exhibition in Mozilla HUBS presenting the projects and research of „Urbane Liga„, an association of young urban designers and city makers. The VR exhibition serves as a tool for online presentation in the framework of the conference „Bundeskongress Nationale Stadtentwicklungspolitik 2021“ („The National Urban Development Policy“ is the urban development joint initiative of the federal government, states and local municipalities in Germany).

The exhibition shows in 7 consecutive rooms, research tools of young, contemporary urban researchers, manifest declarations about city planning, the activities of the „Urbane Liga“ as a federal initiative, as well as numerous research and action projects of different local initiatives from all around Germany.

The VR format in HUBS enabled both the presentation and communication with the audience within the framework of the conference and beyond.

The exhibition is also presented in the off-stage programme of re:publica 2021.

You can step into the exhibition directly here: