Fostering a culture for responsible AI and robot usage

Questioning our Visual Conceptions of Artificial Intelligence
As the role of of artificial intelligence (AI) in social, political, economical and working life increases, the need of regulation also grows rapidly. For this, not only legislator shall be in charge, but also researchers who focus on ethical and social conventions while using AI and robots. This emerging culture of AI usage is inevitably connected how we imagine AI and robots with their many roles they play now -and will possibly play in near future- our lives. Science fiction literature gives us a multi-faceted picture of robots and AI, as such implying that the machine is a mirror for humanity itself. A mirror which can possibly extend also the understanding of our own human intelligence, and maybe even consciousness.

Recent and upcoming activities:

  • 18.7.2023, SAARBRUECKEN (DE) „Kandinsky’s Kaleidoskop“, exhibition, Historisches Museum Saar“, Germany
  • 26.-28.05.2023 VIENNA (DE) „Interspecies Art Research“, exhibition, Verein für Interspezies Kunst, Vienna, Austria
  • 01.06.2023 BERLIN (DE) „Künstliche Intelligenz – netter Kolleg*in oder Jobvernichter*in?“, workshop, Robert Bosch International Alumni Center, Germany
  • 24 October – 31 December 2023 SAARBRUECKEN (DE) „Elemente – Luft „, Saarland Museum
  • 20 October 2023 – 28 January 2024 SAARBRUECKEN (DE) „Wildes Morgen“, curated by children and youngsters, Stadtgalerie Saarbruecken
  • 3 October 2023 GENUA (IT) Faces for a Faceless Machine, lecture at University of Genoa – Department of Law