As artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly advances, society faces immense transformations. Navigating this new frontier requires open dialogue and shared discourse. Cultivating a Culture of AI is crucial, intertwining everyday life with responsible AI integration. How we interact with machines reflects our humanity and civilization.

Envisioning this AI culture involves considering its incorporation into daily activities, communication methods, and societal roles. AI can serve as a task-oriented servant, a collaborative coworker, a creative artist, a problem-solving engineer, or an insightful advisor. It can be perceived as an omniscient entity, a learning child, a guiding parent, or a sentient organism.

Mental images of AI vary greatly, ranging from a machine or tool to a living organism like an animal, plant, mycelium network, or virus. AI’s identity may also encompass gender pronouns, colors, shapes, or even shape-shifting abilities to adapt to different situations.

As a media artist who integrates cognitive science into his work, the task of envisioning a cultural image of AI is the focus of my ongoing research. This investigation takes shape through a variety of formats, including artistic research inquiries, exhibitions, participatory dialogues, and workshops. Each format serves as a medium to explore and express the intricate relationships between human cognition, artificial intelligence, and the societal implications of their convergence.

Recent and upcoming activities:

  • „Kandinsky’s Kaleidoskop“, exhibition, Historisches Museum Saar“, 18.7.2023, Saarbruecken, Germany
  • „Interspecies Art Research“, exhibition, 26.-28.05.2023, Verein für Interspezies Kunst, Vienna, Austria
  • „Künstliche Intelligenz – netter Kolleg*in oder Jobvernichter*in?“, workshop, 01.06.2023, Robert Bosch International Alumni Center, Berlin, Germany
  • „Faces for a Faceless Machine“, lecture, University of Genoa – Department of Law, Genoa, 3.10.2023, Italy